michael henry

Michael is a journalist in New York City.
He speaks two languages and regularly writes code in three.
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About me

Michael is on the Interactive Multimedia team at Al Jazeera where he reports, designs and programs interactive projects. He co-founded csv soundsystem with Brian Abelson in 2012, a New York City-based civic-hacker and experimental data art collective. He is also currently a Research Fellow at the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University where he is working on a project to better measure the impact of journalism. He's formerly the the Senior Data Reporter for Newsweek & The Daily Beast (once upon a time AdWeek wrote a nifty article about some of the stuff we were up to). Even before that he reported on New York City and State government during a fellowship at The New York World.

He has a Masters in journalism from the Columbia J-School and a BA in Comparative Literature and Psychology from Georgetown University. He is partial to historiography and LCD Soundsystem.

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